Why pursue an MBA at the K J Somaiya Institute of Management in India?

When you’re planning to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, you should seek admission to a reputed educational institute. Apart from excellent infrastructure, the college must have well-qualified and experienced teachers. Moreover, the college must also be recognized in the business world. So, let’s check out why you must opt for Somaiya Institute of Management when you’re about to apply to the top MBA colleges in Mumbai.

Why consider K J Somaiya Institute of Management for an MBA course?

There are many reasons to choose Somaiya Institute of Management among the best private MBA colleges in India.

Unique teaching methodology :

As you start studying for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), this educational institute places emphasis on the holistic development of the students. Moreover, the teachers conduct the sessions in a congenial environment so that students can learn the subjects effectively. Besides classroom sessions, the teachers also care about the overall development of students with regard to entrepreneurial pursuits, interesting activities, consulting for companies, and more.

Remarkable Pedagogy :

Among the top B schools in India, K J Somaiya Institute of Management is known for its pedagogy. While the entire curriculum comprises contemporary and traditional modules, it primarily focuses on experiential learning, case studies, industry visits, and more. The teachers also use digital platforms to conduct interactive sessions with many entrepreneurs across the globe. The professors also deliver lectures to the students through panel discussions.

Offers many learning opportunities :

With a track record of more than 40 years, this B School offers many learning opportunities. While students can think about Operation Management, Human Resource Management, or Big Data Analysis as subjects of specialization, they can also move ahead with research in the corporate sector. Apart from everything else, Somaiya Institute of Management is one of the best MBA colleges in Mumbai because it imparts value-based education.

Comprehensive Curriculum :

At the K J Somaiya Institute of Management, the entire course is spread across three semesters for the first year. In the first trimester, the student can learn more about Marketing Management, Business Statistics, and many other fields. On the other hand, when the student is in the second or third trimester, he will learn more about Strategic Management, Consumer Behaviour, and Enterprise Systems along with numerous other subjects. But, in the second year, the students will be led through the subjects based on their Area of Specialization.

Large alumni network :

As you embark on your journey at esteemed MBA institutions in Mumbai, you have an opportunity to engage with a vast network of alumni. Building connections with them can provide valuable insights into the skills you should refine to thrive in the professional arena. Moreover, given their established presence in the industry, they can serve as mentors, steering you toward optimal choices. Additionally, immersing yourself in this realm can keep you well-informed about the current landscape, facilitating your continuous growth.

Industry Exposure :

Top MBA colleges in Mumbai structure their curriculum to extend beyond traditional classroom learning, offering students real-world exposure. These institutions prioritize industry-academia partnerships, enlisting prominent industry professionals to impart skill mastery techniques. The curriculum includes hands-on experiences and guest lectures, enabling students to grasp the dynamics of their chosen industry firsthand.

Accreditations :

The formal acknowledgment from an educational institution validates the excellence and caliber of education attained by an individual. Faculty expertise, curriculum, student achievements – all these aspects are necessary. Beyond validation, these accreditations empower students not only to explore new horizons but also assure their readiness to embrace challenges with assurance.

Finally, this educational institute is known for its infrastructure, facilities, and placements. Besides a completely computerized library, the individuals studying at the institute can gain access to many online databases of globally recognized companies. To enhance the chances of employment, the institute also organizes live projects. While the students are pursuing their live projects, they execute everything under the guidance of the faculty. Recently, the institute has also been known for academic collaborations, to help the students carry out research effectively. Additionally, the International immersion program also lets students go on a study tour and visit a foreign country.

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