K J Somaiya Institute of Management offers the best Minor in Business Analytics course in India

In the present era, many technologies are evolving at a faster rate, and organizations have to keep up with the current trends. But when companies need to solve business problems, they need professionals who are good at business analytics. A business analyst also implements certain techniques that can enable them to comprehend data and come up with important business decisions. So, let’s check out why K J Somaiya Institute of Management is known to offer the best Minor in Business Analytics course.

Why must you consider K J Somaiya Institute of Management for a Business Analytics minor degree course?

When you plan to pursue higher studies, there are many reasons to opt for a course in Business Analytics at the K J Somaiya Institute of Management.

Comprehensive Curriculum :

As the faculty take you through the curriculum, the entire course on Business Analytics offers students knowledge regarding different types of analytics. Besides predictive analytics, the students can learn about Diagnostic, Descriptive, and Predictive analytics in detail. Moreover, the Business Analytics minor degree courseprovides an enriching experience that is not only data-driven but also research-oriented. On the other hand, after the students complete the course successfully, they can certainly explore many opportunities in the relevant domain.

Exceptional Pedagogy :

Soon after you seek admission for the Business Analytics course, the faculty will impart knowledge regarding many optimization softwares. Additionally, the teachers will also take you through Excel, Python programming, Machine Learning, and LINGO, apart from different subjects. As the course progresses, you will also be actively involved with consulting projects and those that need live research. The teachers will also answer your queries promptly when you’re stuck with application-based problems.

Rigorous Training :

When you choose K J Somaiya Institute of Management from the top major and minor degree colleges in India, the faculties will train you on how to develop frameworks pertaining to quantitative decision-making. In addition, you will also learn about how you can make data-driven decisions with the help of various analytical tools. Through a systematic approach, you will also learn about framing problems, predicting outcomes, forecasting the analysis, and creating comparisons. These aspects will surely help you gain knowledge about business analytics and prepare yourself for the future.

Finally, there are many things you must consider before applying for major and minor degree courses in India. First and foremost, you must understand the major responsibilities of a Business Analyst. If you’re not aware of the role, then you should do research online. Apart from everything else, you must also understand whether a Business analytics course will enable you to achieve your career goal.

If you wish to know more about the minor course in Business Analytics, then get in touch with the Somaiya Institute of Management today!

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