Top 5 Reasons You Should Pursue an MCA

When you wish to embark on a career in the IT sector, you can think about pursuing an
MCA from a well-known college. As the faculties lead you through the postgraduate
program of two years, you will know more about many things apart from various
programming languages. So, let’s go through why you must pursue an MCA degree in

Why should you think about pursuing an MCA at a college in India?

There are several reasons to consider pursuing an MCA at a reputed college in India.

Updated and Industry-oriented Syllabus :

While you’re led through the program, it comprises four semesters across two years. Besides advanced communication technologies, you will learn more about software engineering, business intelligence, cloud computing, and more. Moreover, you will also be able to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through different types of projects.

Gain competency to become an IT expert :

In today’s competitive world, a bachelor’s degree is not enough to grab the best job offers.
Instead, companies are now looking for professionals who possess critical thinking skills
and have in-depth knowledge of advanced IT solutions. This is when an MCA degree
course can be beneficial in the ever-evolving IT sector.

It always helps to be in demand :

According to a recent report, the future of employment in the IT sector certainly looks
bright. Many professionals will come across 3 lakh jobs in 2023 across the IT sector in
India. Hence, when you complete your MCA at a good college, you don’t have to worry
about job opportunities.

Expect a high salary or remuneration :

When you start studying at one of the top private MCA colleges in India, you will be glad
to enhance your profile. After attaining the postgraduate degree, you can expect to draw a
high salary once you’re selected by a famous IT organization. Apart from the post of a
software consultant, you can think about being a software developer, computer system
analyst, or web developer.

Supports you in applying to a leading organization :

As soon as you are about to complete the postgraduate course, you can expect to start your
career with one of the leading organizations. It’s also a good idea to complete the course at
a famous college because you can also apply to many organizations established across the
Finally, there are many things that you have to consider before applying to MCA degree
colleges in India. While you approach a college for admission, you must be aware of the
infrastructure, the facilities, and the environment. Besides, you must also ensure that the
college meets all the educational standards.
If you’re seeking a program that focuses on conceptual learning, application development,
and technical insights, think about applying to Somaiya Vidyavihar University for an MCA

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