Which different specialization courses are available during or post Engineering

Engineering is the most sought-after professional course in India. Most parents in India want their children to pursue engineering. If you are someone with a passion for engineering and have the potential to make it big as an engineer, then you must choose to become an engineer. But what will you specialize in?

Unlike the traditional electrical, mechanical, civil, and software engineering fields, there are trendy specializations with excellent prospects: – Cyber Security, Augmented & Virtual reality, Data science, Big data, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, etc. Keep reading to learn in-depth about all these specializations. 

  1. Today, cyber security is a crucial concern and a popular industry with very little chance of becoming obsolete. If you have passed your first year of engineering in Electronics, Mechanical, or Computers, you are qualified for a three-year Honors in Cyber Security.
  2. AR & VR has become a great pastime of late and undoubtedly has a hot future. The career opportunities are excellent for a three-year minor in augmented and virtual reality. You can enroll in the course with a passing grade in your first year of engineering in any stream.
  3. An MBA or a minor in Data Science is a good alternative to the traditional masters courses in engineering. You can opt for this course irrespective of your stream. You can start your career in Data Science as a Data Analyst.
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning are taking the world by storm. And if you want to provide value to this fast evolving world, then you must consider a three-year integrated course that will teach you both concepts. 
  5. A two-year Master’s in mechanical engineering programme integrated with CAD(computer-aided design), CAM(Computer-aided manufacturing), and automation is also an option against traditional courses.

Nowadays, all electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering colleges in Mumbai are constantly working to incorporate these specializations into the core curriculum. If you are looking for a bright future, then you must learn about K J Somaiya college of Engineering

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