Top 12 reasons to study at the KJ Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies!

Have you been looking lately for religious studies or Sanskrit courses in Mumbai at a prestigious institution? If yes, then you need look no further. Below you will read 12 reasons why the K J Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies is the ideal choice for religious studies. 

Somaiya’s 81-year-old Legacy Leaves a Rich Heritage Somaiya Institute of Education has been instrumental for eight decades in providing quality education in various fields. Alongside, it blends Indian traditions, values, and morality into its syllabus.

Distinguished Faculty The majority of the staff at the K.J. Somaiya Institute of Education are PhD holders and have more than 35 years of experience. They are professionals at creating an interest-generating atmosphere. Their influence on students has resulted in many successful careers worldwide.

Academic flexibility The institute cares about its students and their learning needs. Students can choose full-time or part-time programs and learn at their own pace. 

Innovative curriculum Students get a platform to learn ancient studies in creative ways.

On-Field Exposure Learning at KJ Somaiya is not just limited to classrooms. Students pursuing religious studies will visit religious and heritage sites and get to meet students from other disciplines. 

Library Facility The institute is home to a library of over 30,000 books and a section specifically dedicated to religious books. 

Rich Alumni foundation Somaiya has a very strong alumni base that consists of professionals with well-established careers.

Community Engagement Experience distant community education with outreach projects. Jetavan is situated in rural Maharashtra and set up in collaboration with Godavari Biorefineries and Ven. Dhammadipa. Jetavan encourages spiritual practice and physical wellness. It also encourages spiritual practice and physical wellness. It also helps youngsters develop life skills and achieve financial independence through vocational training programs. 

Leadership & team spirit K J Somiaya has always believed in the concept of leadership. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively in teams.

Creativity and originality Somaiya is the perfect place for those who want to be at their creative best. It provides a superb platform for critical thinking, analysis, creative writing, and research. The environment enables students to use their creativity to its full potential and turn it into profitable businesses.

Well-developed infrastructure The campus boasts dedicated sections for seminars, conferences, dining, extracurriculars, and sports activities. 

Financial Aid and Sponsorship K J Somaiya believes in making education affordable for all. We offer financial aid to the needy and scholarships to the deserving.

Admissions Open 2023-24

The KJ Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies welcomes students for admission to their religious studies. If you possess a Masters degree in Sanskrit, you can opt for a Ph.D. in Sanskrit. For admissions, please click here.

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