Somaiya Hospital: The Best Hospital for 24-Hour Emergency Medical Care

We, as a multispeciality hospital, are always determined to reach out and offer patients our services as soon as possible. But time, location, and fate do not permit it all the time. So, we have crafted our system at the Somaiya Hospital, the most trusted emergency medical hospital, in a way that we reach patients in the utmost need at the earliest possible moment. 

This led us to have a well-equipped emergency care unit, working side by side with our regular healthcare service providing units at pace.

With the mission of removing suffering, establishing a holistic medical system, and training medical professionals while obeying our principles have made us come a long way.

Our vision has been a sole peaceful mantra – 

Om, May All become Happy

May All be Free from Illness.

May All See what is Auspicious

May no one Suffer.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Some of the best facilities that have led us to to succeed on our principles and have the best emergency medical services are: 

High facility emergency room :

Our hospital comprises multiple emergency care units and has a separate team of healthcare professionals who are active 24 hours in providing urgent treatment services to the admitted ones. 

The well-equipped ICU rooms with 16 beds, isolation rooms with positive and negative filtered fresh air flow and a well-expertised team of specialists, have it all to provide urgent treatment and reinforce liveliness in the patients.

Quick admission :

We care for life more than anything. This is why you do not need to go through a long form-filling process while having your suffering relative beside you. We, as a leading super speciality hospital, immediately admit patients based on their critical condition, not on a bunch of paperwork.

Urgent ambulance service :

Your one call and we are ready to bring the patient right from the home to the hospital bed at the earliest. Our ambulance service is always awake to help you in need. Be it an emergency case, or a normal case where the patient is unable to come to the hospital without a stretcher, our ambulance service is there in critical times.

24*7 on-duty healthcare professionals :

We believe in having a healthy work culture and service culture that hold hands. This is why our treatment service is open 24*7 to patients while having systematic alternate shifts for our healthcare professionals so that they do not feel any burden or burnout.

Blood Bank :

We currently have a state-of-the-art blood bank and are always open to providing blood supplies and the availability of components. This blood is contributed by voluntary donors while strictly maintaining the quality of the blood by cross-checking donors’ health histories. The collection, storage, processing, and distribution are strictly followed according to MDACS, FDA, SBTC, NBTC, CDSCO rules.

Available medical shops nearby :

In order to control the abrupt pricing and increase the availability of the needed medicines, we have built-in shops, providing almost every urgently needed medicine, injections, and other corresponding items.

While always praying for your and your family’s best health, we aspire to be your support at your worst time. Anytime, if an emergency health issue comes up, feel free to connect with Somaiya Hospital, the best surgery hospital, immediately, and we will ensure to reach your patient in time.

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