K.J. Somaiya, Best Music Colleges in India: Courses, Duration, Scope

Music is an integral and important segment of the culture of any society. Indian Music is one of the oldest systems emerging from Vedas. It has a long-standing history of being taught within Ashram Paddhati and later into Guru-Shishya Parampara, aiming at performance excellence. 

The early twentieth century marked the beginning of Music Colleges in India.

These institutions enabled people to study music and its applications – both practical as well as academic. Today the scope of a career in music in India has widened considerably, encompassing allied vocational applications, interdisciplinary studies and overall cultural grooming towards personality development.

In-Depth Details Of The Course & It’s Duration

Somaiya Vidhavihar has introduced Bachelors of Performing Arts Music – Vocal, Swar Vadya, Taal Vadya- one of the best music courses in India for individuals who want to pursue a career in music. It is a 4-year full-time course with allowed exits at every level. On completion of each level, the individual will receive a certificate of merit. The Maya Somaiya School Of Music And Performing Arts Vidyavihar is one of the well-known BA music colleges in India. 

Eligibility Criteria

We are among the top music colleges in India after the 12th. Our aim is to equip learners to achieve their personal aspirations while maintaining a clear and in-depth awareness of the professional industry and the opportunities it presents.

Considering the eligibility criteria, the individual should have completed their Higher Education (12th) from a renowned college/ university with an aggregate of 50% marks in their exams.

Music As A Career And Its Scope

The Bachelors of Performing Arts Music – Vocal, Swar Vadya, Taal Vadya is a well-defined, structured, and disciplined training programme wherein the students will be educated on music composition, and understand the classification of music and also their forms and structure.  On completion of the best music course in India, one can choose to be a Performer, Music Teacher, Vocalist and can also get ample exposure in various fields related to composing, singing, solo performances, and private tuition.

Students can also opt for higher education like master’s in Music for specializing in a particular domain while pursuing their career in music in India. 

They Can also get placed in the Entertainment or Music Companies, Performing Arts Centers, Music and Film Studios, etc once they have completed their masters

Enroll for the course today and graduate from the top music colleges in India.

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