Discover the World of Advanced Sports Science & Fitness : The Comprehensive MSc in Sports and Exercise Science Programme at Somaiya Sports Academy

Discover the World of Advanced Sports Science: The Comprehensive MSc Programme at Somaiya Vidyavihar University

Launchpad for Your Sports Science Journey: Comprehensive Foundations (Semester I)

Our Master of Science in Sports and Exercise Science at Somaiya Sports Academy is geared at developing the future generation of sports science experts. The voyage starts with a thorough examination of fundamental concepts.

Fitness and Wellness:

The Intersection of Exercise and Public Health Dive into the societal impact of fitness and wellness, exploring the transformative role of exercise in promoting public health and instigating behavioural change.

The Cornerstones of Sports Science:

Functional Anatomy and Exercise Physiology The human body is a complex machine. Gain an intimate understanding of its structures and functions, learning how to optimise physical capabilities and performance through scientific principles.

Biomechanics: The Physics of Sports

Uncover the mechanical laws governing human movement and how they apply to sports performance. This biomechanical perspective offers unique insights into the mechanics of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and improved athletic performance.

Sports Performance Analysis: Unlocking Potential

Performance analysis is a game-changer in sports science. Learn the systematic methods for recording, analysing, and improving performance in athletes, providing essential feedback for coaching and training strategies.

Deep Dive into Sports Science: Advanced Concepts and Applications (Semester II & III)

The subsequent semesters dive deeper into specialised facets of sports science, further expanding your knowledge and equipping you with the skills needed to excel.

Research Practices in Sports & Exercise Science

Learn the ins and outs of sports and exercise science research, including how to perform critical literature reviews. Having this knowledge is important for evidence-based practise and advances the field as a whole.

From Training to Performance: High-Performance Sports Training & Coaching

Gain an in-depth understanding of the physiological, psychological, and tactical elements of high-performance training and coaching. Explore advanced concepts such as periodization, recovery strategies, and athlete monitoring systems.

Preventing Injuries: Biomechanics of Sports Injuries

Understand the biomechanical principles underlying sports injuries, learning how to apply this knowledge in practical contexts to minimise injury risk and facilitate effective rehabilitation.

Technology Revolution in Sports: Sports Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Discover how modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, are transforming the world of sports and exercise science. From performance analysis to injury prevention, learn how to leverage these advancements to drive success.

Final Hurdle: Applying Your Knowledge (Semester IV)

The final semester of the MSc programme further solidifies your expertise, preparing you for a successful career in sports science.

Unravelling Complex Systems: Advanced Sports & Exercise Physiology

Here, we dive deeper into the physiological responses and adaptations to exercise at the systemic level, exploring how these principles can be applied to optimise athletic performance.

Practical Experience: Field Visit and Internship

Your theoretical knowledge is complemented by a full semester internship, offering real-world experience that allows you to translate your skills into practice within a professional environment.

Path to Expertise: Specialisation Options

To better align with your career aspirations, we offer the following specialisations –

Exercise Psychology

Learn how to use psychological principles to motivate individuals towards exercise adherence and optimal performance. You’ll explore the cognitive and emotional aspects of sports and exercise, and learn how to optimise mental fitness to complement physical strength.

Sports Nutrition

Unravel the intricacies of nutrition in athletic performance. From understanding the metabolic responses to different nutrients to developing effective dietary strategies for athletes, this specialisation equips you with knowledge that’s critical to sports performance and recovery.

Strength and Conditioning

Delve deeper into the science and application of strength and conditioning principles. You’ll learn how to design, implement, and manage strength and conditioning programmes that maximise athletic performance and minimise injury risk.

Sports Coaching

Discover the science behind effective coaching strategies. This specialisation equips you with the knowledge and skills to enhance athlete development, performance, and motivation through effective coaching techniques.


Building upon the foundational biomechanics coursework, this specialisation allows you to delve further into the mechanics of human movement, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. This deeper understanding equips you to optimise technique, enhance performance, and minimise injury risk in athletes.

 Master’s Thesis: Your Contribution to Sports Science

Your Master’s thesis is a substantial piece of original research that you must undertake to earn your MSc degree. Here’s a chance to hone down on a topic of particular interest and add to the body of sports science knowledge.

The Finish Line: Empowering Future Leaders in Sports Science

You will graduate with an extraordinary grasp of sports and exercise science thanks to our all-encompassing curriculum. You will be prepared to make a substantial contribution to the area, whether it’s optimising athletic performance, improving public health, or contributing to academic research.

Ready to Embark on Your Journey in Sports Science?

Enrol in our MSc in Sports and Exercise Science programme at Somaiya Sports Academy (Somaiya Vidyavihar University) today and gain the technical knowledge, practical skills and academic confidence you need to excel in the dynamic field of sports science. Embark on this exciting journey now! Take the first step towards a rewarding career in sports science by joining us today! Shape the future of sports science with Somaiya Sports Academy.

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